AquaRain Gravity Water Filters


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No, it's not a coffeepot (though it's frequently mistaken for one at shows).  It's the AquaRain Gravity Water Filter, and we're excited about it!

Dropships in 2-3 days.

First, some things you should know about filters. Many of the "flagship, industry-standard" ones use a pump to force the water through their filters.  It's a good idea for keeping filters small in size for campers, but forcing water through the filtering element presents problems that those manufacturers may not tell you about.

Most modern water filtering is done through micro-sized pores in ceramic or plastic. The bad guys (suspended metals, bacteria, viruses, etc.) either can't make it through the pores or are filtered out by the activated carbon. They don't fit. What's not commonly known is that many filters have a nominal pore size, not an absolute pore size.  "Nominal" means that the majority of the pores are the size claimed.  BUT, the rest of them can be as large as 20 microns . . . and remember, water follows the path of least resistance, happily flowing through the larger pores and carrying pollutants/contaminants right along.

Forcing (pumping) water through a nominal pore-sized filter just hurries the little buggers through the larger pores. In your filter purchase, you want to be sure the filter has an absolute micron size. That means that all pores are the same size. There are no "tunnels" through which disease-causing organisms or chemicals can flow.

The other problem with a pump-type filter is parts wearing out. Waddya gonna do for pure water then?? How long will it take to get replacement seals, plungers, o-rings, handles, etc.? Will you be able to get them? These were concerns we had, even as we bought our Katadyne a couple of years ago (yes, we have one).

And which is why we're thrilled with our shiny, new AquaRaintm Gravity Filter!  It has

0.2 micron absolute pore size.

Zero moving parts.

Cleanable ceramic filter element (replaceable and cleanable 200x by hand).

Silver-impregnated ceramic to prevent bacterial growth.

Granular activated carbon filtration to remove chemical and organic compounds and improve taste. (Carbon is contained within the ceramic core.)

A filtering capacity of up to 24 gallons a day.

Stamped stainless steel construction.

Yup. Double filtration, both ceramic and carbon in each element . . . and it filters enough water for 4 people a day (3 element model). It's been manufactured to meet ANSI/NSF standards, the toughest there are. IBR (Inter Basic Resources) 4/4/97 test report states that the AquaRain filter, at absolute 0.2 microns has 99.99 log 5.92 efficiency. I failed trig in high school, but I'm told that means it has 99.99992 filtering efficiency at 0.2 microns! (Our nearest competitor, the British Berkefeld, certifies at only 0.9 microns with only 99.99 filtering efficiency.)

Spare Filter Elements. $43.49 each

AquaRain with 3 Elements $324.49

Optional Site Glass
and Faucet $39.49

1 Micron Pre-filter, $16.49


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