The Country Living Grain Mill


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The Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe

The Country Living Grain Mill is a manual grinder that can be motorized. It’s often referred to as the “Cadillac of Grain Mills.” It uses steel burr plates which are able to handle most dry grains as well as oil bearing seeds.

Country Living Grain Mills are self adjusting from making fine flour to just cracking seeds.  Get the optional Power Bar for easier hand-grinding, or use a low RPM electric motor and a pulley-and-belt for hands-free milling (no other adapter kit needed).  Great to have on hand if you like fresh flour for homemade bread.  An essential storage tool if you store grains!                                  Extra Set of Burrs, $143.00, Z012


The Power Bar Extension

Corn & Bean

Clear Flour Bin w/Lid

The Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe grinder is a great choice for a manual grinder. It comes with both stones and burrs, so you can switch them out for your milling needs.  The mill is dishwater safe and easy to clean up when you’re done.

The Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe grinder will always run as long as there’s an arm available!  Its long grinding arm takes a lot of work out of milling. This grinder can be adjusted to how finely you want your grain ground, from fine flour to cracked cereals.  By simply swapping the stone heads for the stain-less steel burr heads. you can make delicious peanut butter (or other nut butters).  You can grind flax or any other oily or wet grains, as well as herbs and spices, soybeans, legumes and even coffee beans for fresh morning coffee.            (Please call for additional grain mill choices.)

$289.99 with both stone and steel burrs X026

The Wonder Mill Electric grinder is able to grind up to 100 pounds of flour in an hour. It’s also one of the quietest.  The Wonder Mill Electric has a 1250 watt motor.  It’s an impact grinder. With it, you make really fine flour or course-chopped grain.  Easy clean up!  The flour doesn’t go everywhere; it drops into a sealed flour bin.  Great for making your own mixes and blends of flours.

The Wonder Mill Grinder is also easy to clean up after you are done using it.  The flour does not go everywhere it is placed in a sealed flour bin, so noe of that really fine mist of flour dust around the house to clean up.

Electric Wonder Mill, $319.00, X091

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