Rush Limbaugh

The ‘Godfather’ of the conservative movement! At times, Rush is a bit too full of himself, IMO, but he is very informative and entertaining ... Plus, there are enough commercials to give you time to get other things done!

Glenn Beck

Hugely entertaining, frequently very funny and (often) scarily informative. No, he is not the Colonel, just kinda looks like him, nowadays. I’m guessing he’s just trying to get some free fried chicken....  Don’t miss Glenn’s show!

Michael Savage

Too strong for some, and sometimes brutal to his callers, Savage is someone who should be listened to, as his interest is in saving America from the [coming] socialist/communist wave.

Mark Levin

Full of facts & links, Mark is another host who can be short with his callers, but he’s an important show host–and writer–trying to keep the United States free. Well worth your listen!

Laura Ingraham

Laura’s very popular with many, and has a great radio show. Unfortunately, here in the Dallas area, she comes on at the same time Rush does, and that’s where I go.  But, give a listen to the Conservative-side from the female perspective!  (I will, when I get this site done, ASAP!)

Rick Roberts

A conservative radio show host you’ll grow to love!  He’s the kindest-of-all to his callers, and does an excellent job of standing for Truth. Give Rick a listen-to!  … and call in!

The Dana Show

New to the Dallas airwaves, Dana’s original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing a audience. She’s feisty and fearless without being abrasive and shrill. Give a listen!

Chris Krok

The Chris Krok Show is heard every weekday evening, 8:00 – 12:00 on WBAP NewsTalk 820. Passion is the one word that sums up the Chris Krok Show. That’s what sets him apart from others… his energy and his passion.

Ed Wallace

If you like cars, trucks, history, rock-n-roll and/or news-not-generally-reported, tune in Ed’s show every Saturday morning, 8 a.m. To 1 p.m. Central time. Hugely informative, very entertaining, and, you can find the car dealers who’ll treat you right!  Plus, you can call in.

Dr. Kent Hovind

Ever wonder about the history of dinosaurs? Did man ever see them? (What are the Dragons, mentioned in the Bible?) His videos are very entertaining, revealing and instructive ... And done with great humor! You can also find all of Dr. Hovind’s work on YouTube.

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Jon Christian Ryter

Ryter’s website is, without-a-doubt, the most important article website of our day. Five of his articles have received over 185,000,000 reads. He works tirelessly trying to return our country to that envisioned by our Founders: To our Constitution.

Mark Steyn

Mark is a frequent ‘fill-in’ for Rush Limbaugh when he’s too lazy ... I mean, too busy, to make it to the mic.  Mark’s very entertaining and has a great sense of humor.  Go see!

Bill O’Reilly

While he can’t seem to manage calling Glenn Beck, Glenn, Bill is so hard-hitting that the Left managed to get him of the air, at least on a regular basis. He does regularly appear on Glenn’s show.  Bill’s website is another must-see!

Thomas Sowell

An economist, professor, and a political thinker. He writes on education, economics, racial issues, frequently mixing them together. Spending much time on his website might earn you a college degree!

Charles Krauthammer

A real loss for Conservative Thought, Charles passed away in 2018. He was frequently on Fox News and was a Washington Post columnist. Charles provided some of the most analytical, insightful writings on politics of our day. (You may have to Google-search for his material.)

Michelle Malkin

Senior editor of Conservative Review and  host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates” on CRTV. She’s written 6 books and her shoe size is 6½. (Not sure why she told us that….)  Michelle’s very entertaining and has a great sense of humor!


These are links–some of which you may already know–that I think are critical. I’ve organized them into the columns, below.  If you know of one I’ve missed, please email me (I can lengthen the page!).  Click on the name to go to the website.

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